The Botox in Sunnyvale can make your skin rejuvenation

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The Botox in Sunnyvale can make your skin rejuvenation Empty The Botox in Sunnyvale can make your skin rejuvenation

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Botox in Sunnyvale s not so terrible. Many places of beauty to eliminate fear, it will be called biological except knit, or gene except knit. Botox in Sunnyvale is a kind of biological products, through genetic engineering methods of mass production. Because it has the nerve block function, in medicine, ophthalmology, orthopedics hairdressing surgery is common,. The currently used doses it is only one percent of maximum security doses, so very safe. In 1986, Canada Carruther Botox in Sunnyvale treatments with couples in the accident when eyelid spasm, found its good except knit effect. Later, they have to use Botox in Sunnyvale forehead grain, grain, the brow, remove the treatment, after a series of attempt, in 1992 first reported. Carruther couples became the inventor of the pioneer and technology. Why use muscle hypertrophy Botox in Sunnyvale treatments? Women with elliptic surface model for beauty, often because of mandibular Angle and requirements in plastic. Over 90% of the patients with benign muscle hypertrophy, hope can cut. Due to grasp the muscles in the surgical excision quantity and muscles, not only the depth of excision effect not ideal, also easy to increased bleeding, hematoma, infection caused by chance, facial nerve palsy, both asymmetry, jaws closed for a long time and severe complication such as muscle spasm, have been unable to make them. In 1994, as reported by Smyth Botox in Sunnyvale treatments bilateral muscle hypertrophy of experience, think this is a revolutionary new methods. Botox in Sunnyvale injections consulted by raising the bite business, make amyotrophy, treatment more thoroughly, solved the problem of patient satisfaction, mora, rise, to QiuZhi patients increase greatly. Each side choose 1 ~ 2 injection points. Injection should as far as possible, also need not slow after the injection of local massage and other special processing, the normal movement can make solution in masticatory muscle tissue gradually spread. Botox in Sunnyvale injection muscle 1 months can be observed bite amyotrophy and face changes. As a kind of muscles, Botox in Sunnyvale injections, no significant side effects than traditional surgical method has more advantages. Botox in Sunnyvale injection after local adverse reactions including muscle weakness and Botox in Sunnyvale because of excessive to near muscle tissue proliferation and corresponding performance, and the clinical manifestation and Botox in Sunnyvale injections of injection and dosage. Botox in Sunnyvale injections of individual patients found after fever, discomfort, fatigue. Usually, the clinical manifestations of the one, and in a few weeks to disappear. Botox in Sunnyvale injections general effect can be maintained in a year or so, then there may be, but can relapse again.

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