How to pay more attention to duplicator quality in the super carved era

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How to pay more attention to duplicator quality in the super carved era

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:16 am

This SC CD/DVD duplicator has been refreshed the speed of the highest speed, the mainstream has reached 24 times. However, in sharp contrast, DVD audio still stagnation in 16 times, this leads to a more awkward phenomenon: is the SC CD/DVD duplicator theory much faster, but the actual use of velocity is acceptable, even appear much, but not ascend speed of the quality problem of imported appear strange situation. At high magnification, the speed of the blanks with low speed SC CD/DVD duplicator, have high quality imported, it is actually a moment. And to know the moment, SC CD/DVD duplicator is only one way to try, however, before this, we can use the media, to understand a professional assessment, carved era, whose duplicate quality more better.

In the market, almost all of the main optical manufacturers announced it had launched 24 times the speed, the duplicator speed SC CD/DVD duplicator are the same, the indicators are 24X DVD + R's support, DVD + R 12X DVD duplicator DL 12X, 8X RAM - DVD RW autotype, duplicate a ± standard DVD use less than four minutes. However, due to the limited, in actual blanks, 24 times to reach above SC CD/DVD duplicator quickly. Because of the speed with 16 times, support plate duplicator, super require a series of technical support, can improve speed and guarantee quality of duplicator.

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