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What Is The Application Of The CD/DVD Duplicator In Industry

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What Is The Application Of The CD/DVD Duplicator In Industry Empty What Is The Application Of The CD/DVD Duplicator In Industry

Post  Admin Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:02 pm

With the traditional paper GA CD/DVD duplicator, people usually like to use a laser printer output or several print manuscripts, When need a few hundred copies or people will use laser printer output to the copier manuscript more copies. With PPC corresponding "copy" is more cd-r and DVD GA CD/DVD duplicator.
GA CD/DVD duplicator can satisfy user's small batch copy and distribute demand, GA CD/DVD duplicator can be used in the following fields: the audio-visual electronic publishing units: VCD/CD/cd-rom etc audio-visual products small batch replication. Software production industry: beta storage, backup, produce professional DEMO version of the copy, distribute listed version of the small-scale copy. The government: the auditing department, financial department, organization, with GA CD/DVD duplicator will relevant documents and data backup, with GA CD/DVD duplicator to subordinate departments of reproduction.
Ordinary cd-rom and dvd-rom CD to pass data organization, the motherboard, mould making, duplicate injection forming and coating film packaging, etc, the process and the production process complex, long time, cost is higher, the GA CD/DVD duplicator is not suitable for 1,000 pieces of small batch production and distribution. Due to the present a cd-r CD in the market for about $90, a dvd-r CD price at RMB 1.5, so the cost of small batch GA CD/DVD duplicator will greatly lower than traditional mold copying costs.

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