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What is the value orientation of the family law in Alameda county

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What is the value orientation of the family law in Alameda county Empty What is the value orientation of the family law in Alameda county

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They should be properly configure the necessary legal standard assumption, processing, sanctions, introducing three key elements, legal responsibility mechanism of system structure and the whole structure, the unit, general, typicality legal arms control mode has generality and transparency, and specific aim and operability, family law in Alameda County of the legal system and corresponding responsibility to safeguard system, achieves the behavior patterns and legal consequences corresponding legal responsibility, the amplitude and phase of the illegal ACTS endangering degree, part of the legal responsibility of illegal behavior cognizance and behavior pattern of voluntary standard. To ensure the family law in Alameda County is clear and joash, effectively control the positive incentive, induce people, prohibit negative behavior of people, constraints, correction of illegal activities, and create a positive law and order.
The family law in Alameda County of the connotation of the decision attribute axiomatization individual and society. family law in Alameda County of the adjustment of the object is human relationships and the blood relationship, it is a special kind of social relations. Its particularity is natural and social properties, the person's individual needs and the needs of human social contradictions compatible. Can say, marriage and family is the original animal and human society and sociality, the individual needs of existence and development needs an overpowering and must be mixed. Mixed results, and is the social relationship and related to establish a paradigm, guide and forced people in this paradigm meet its natural performance and social demand, Beyond the paradigm, bear the adverse consequences. This paradigm, the most clear, the most stringent form is the family law in Alameda County. Thus, the value of family law in Alameda County have three may focus on the natural person, a need for confirmation and individual interests and protecting the individual place, Second is the social needs and social benefits as the center of the social standard, Three is to individual needs and social needs, coordinate for both.

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