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How to define divorce clearly

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How to define divorce clearly Empty How to define divorce clearly

Post  Admin Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:45 pm

Both sides of husband and wife divorce refers to the action of Divorce in San Ramon upbringing or problems such as division of property, fail to reach an agreement by a direction, the people's court in accordance with people's prosecution hearing procedure, after the verdict of conciliation or Divorce in San Ramon relationship legal system. According to the relevant judicial explanation, mediation unfit for marriage relation, identity confirmed case relations, However, the division of property, and child support, can mediate, mediation agreement separately, make the conciliation statement. Considering the lawsuit by committees (mostly Divorce in San Ramon before village), unit and its relatives of mediation, also in order to overcome the court should no longer sided pursuit, the tendency of the supreme people's court, the people's court to work on several issues civil mediation of the provisions of article 2 of special regulation: "for possible through the mediation of civil cases, the people's court shall conciliate. But the special procedures for public peremptory notice supervision procedure, and bankruptcy procedure, debts, procedures, marriage relationship in any case and other case nature cannot mediate civil cases, the people's court shall not conciliation." Litigation divorce and divorce agreement applicable to different cases.

The agreement divorces applies only to the voluntary divorce and have children and property problem, and properly handle litigation divorce applies to all divorce. If both parties shall terminate is factual marriage, it can only through litigation way,notthrough agreement Divorce in San Ramon.

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