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Post  Admin Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:11 pm

For several years we have been building web sites which, in part, catalog shopping with database back ends. Later we discovered that the industry had labeled this e-commerce, the selecting of products and placing of orders through the web.
While e-commerce was useful it was only a partial solution. e-commerce sites typically provided product information and a mechanism to order, but what happens after the order? How is reliably payment made? Can a customer check to see if an item is in stock before placing an order? Can a customer track the progress of their order? When was it shipped? Are you tracking the purchasing history of this customer?
In many companies the answer was yes to most of these questions for employees only, even before the Web was invented. Now we can provide web capabilities for clients to have these questions answered through your existing order processing, credit checks, and inventory control systems.
e-commerce occurs when you combine the broad reach of the Internet with the vast resources of traditional information technology investments.
In general doing business is a series of collaborative processes. It requires interaction between employees, vendors, suppliers, business partners, etc. They must all work together. It turns out that the majority of e-commerce deployments are business to business solutions.


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