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Post  Admin Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:03 am

The old saying goes that—“skyscrapers can only be built on solid and hard foundation”. In the same way, science and technology development, especially development of computer software and internet, should be the basis for online business. In other words, whether E-commerce could have a bright future depends on its technology support.
It is obvious that there are flaws in internet today. Information security, for example, is one of these flaws. Afraid of the possibility that confidential information could be let out or stolen, consumers held a suspicious attitude towards E-commerce. As a consequence, it is hardly possible to sell precious products online which cost huge number of money. Thus, the function of platform for E-commerce is limited to advertising. Also, it limits the order volume. According to the reports from CCB, about 80% of online business was retail or C2C while B2B and B2C share the other 20%. If we can work out better software to control private information or keep surveillance on the flow of information, E-commerce will gain more confidence and credit from consumers. As a result, the scale of business will be enlarged.
Another problem that blocked the wheel of E-commerce is the lack of sensory information. We receive lots of consumers’ complaints stating that the product they got was different from the picture they saw on website. This difference does not directly leads to the problem of counterfeit; it could result from the fact that the size or the color is not fit. From the technology level, picture itself is not the real world—there are differences between “256 true colors” and colors in reality. To solve this problem, scientists can improve the technology of e-commerce . If we could see what we look like in the new dress in a 3-D image, it’s maybe more persuasive. Thanks to what we already know about spectrogram and rays, it is possible to create image of one person in the form of light. We’ll never have to worry the difference between cyberspace and reality since we could actually “see” the size and color. And we could even try them on to check whether it is fit or not.
More and more problems will be solved as the computer technology develops. Although E-commerce is still in its infant age, it shows powerful potential in the growing profits every year. With the technology support, E-commercewill hug an eve.


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